Please read the ABOUT section for current processing times and other important information

All domestic orders placed by December 1st @ 11:59pm EST will be shipped out NO LATER than December 18th (all packages are shipped USPS Priority Mail). The ONLY exception to this is my READY TO SHIP section. Domestic orders, placed from THIS SECTION ONLY, can be placed until December 17th @ 11:59pm EST in order to be shipped out on the 18th. All orders placed after December 1st, will be at a 6-8 weeks processing time until further notice.
I DO NOT OFFER RUSHED ORDERS/SHIPPING. All orders are processed in the order that they are received. Please plan accordingly. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS other than Ready To Ship section mentioned above. 


Welcome to Haylee's Closet of Primitive and Custom Carved Signs! Thank you so much for taking the time to view my shop! Please read all shop announcements for updated information!
My current processing time, on all made to order signs, is approx. 6-8 weeks.

*** When ordering customized or personalized signs, I will send you a proof, via Etsy/Website convo, as soon as possible.  No proof will be sent if your purchase does not involve personalization/customization.  I REQUEST THAT THIS PROOF BE CONFIRMED BY YOU BEFORE I CONTINUE PROCESSING YOUR ORDER.  If I do not hear back from you within a timely manner, I reserve the right to either cancel your order, or to run your sign with the info exactly as you provided.  No refunds will be given if you provided me with incorrect/misspelled information, and did not respond to my requests for proof confirmation. So please check your Etsy/Website convo's!!! 

 *** If you would like to cancel your order, this can only be done within 24 hours of your order being placed.  I will not issue refunds after this time.  I also will not issue a refund once the proof for a personalized/customized sign has been sent.  Once the design process is complete, the sale is final.

*** The text on ALL of my signs is carved into the wood.  I DO NOT offer painted of vinyl lettering.

*** COLOR, COLOR, COLOR.  I offer 25 different primary (background) color choices.  These are the ONLY colors that I offer.  My color chart, with all 25 colors that I offer, is included with the pictures on each listing.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that the color that you choose may not match the color chart EXACTLY.  There are many different factors when in comes to how my colors look on a finished sign.  How thick the paint is applied, how much the sign is sanded, how much of my top/antique coat is applied, etc.  All of these processes are done BY HAND, so no two signs will ever be identical when it comes to color. Lighting is also a HUGE factor.  As you can see from my images, I take most of my pictures in outside, natural lighting.  If you open your package on your kitchen table, under florescent/faux lighting, it's obviously going to look a little different.  SO PLEASE BE CERTAIN WHEN CHOOSING YOUR BACKGROUND COLOR.  I also do not offer color choices for the text.  The wording on my signs is carved into the wood, so when choosing a dark colored background, the text will be the natural wood color.  When choosing a light colored background, the process that I use to darken the text makes it a deep brown.  My color chart shows which colors will have natural text, and which will have darkened text.  THERE ARE SOMETIMES EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.  Sometimes, once the signs are carved, there may be some dark/uneven spots that will show.  This sometimes will cause some issues on my "medium shade" colors, which may make them hard to read.  Some of these colors include my country blue, orange and fiesta pink. Even though the color chart shows these colors having the natural wood text, I may darken the text if I feel the sign is hard to read. This is the risk taken by the customer if these background colors are chosen. 
*** I reserve the right to refuse any returns/exchanges due to a customer not being happy with the color that they chose at checkout.     
--- The color DARK WALNUT STAIN, currently unavailable.  The only exception to this is add on names for past grandkid/family sign orders ---

*** My signs are NOT sealed for outdoor use.  If you would like to hang your sign outside, be sure to seal it with an outdoor wood sealer before doing so.  I WILL NOT return/exchange signs that are damaged due to them being hung outside.

Want a different size than what's shown in the listing?  Send me a message!  I MAY be able to accommodate a larger/smaller size :-) 

Want something custom made?  Please feel free to message me with any requests/questions that you may have. 

Happy shopping!

Thanks :-)

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